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    High strength cast aluminum engine mounts

    Luckily the engine mounts are high strength cast aluminum to handle the power and terrain the raptor supposedly can handle.
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    2024 Ford Ranger Raptor Technical Specifications

    It's a little frustrating to read this now that my Ranger raptor is as heavy as and F150.
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    Diable all off the stability controls

    I took my 2023 Ranger raptor into the desert on it's maiden voyage this weekend, and even in Baja mode I could hear the ABS/Stability control system going crazy trying to deal with the fact that I was driving my truck in deep sand. Previously on my Ram 1500, I would pull the ABS fuse to address...
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    How to disable airbags

    I have just purchased a ranger raptor, 2023, international version in the UAE. I have taken it out into the desert on it's maiden voyage and seen that it is overloaded with annoying electronics. Something I have been aware of from the Ford F150 and F-150 Raptor drivers here is that I need to...